Time to Morp - Automation with Pumps

September 11, 2020 4:20 PM

Last week we announced our new game we’ve been working on for close to a year already, and now we are eager to share everything about it with you! So, buckle up – first blog post for the Time to Morp is about to happen! Whoo-hoo!


One Morp, Two Morp, Three

The game is about cute creatures, but who want one or two dorky Morps running around, when you can have 5 of them! Or even 7!… or 150. Actually, you can have as much as you want!!

Time to Morp - Lots of Morps


Pump and Pipes

So you decided to collect 8 Morps and now feeling overwhelmed because you need to feed them, wash them, move friends from enemies and enemies to friends?! How are you possibly going to manage all of this?! Was it a mistake?! Are you doomed?! Did you fail when decided to enlist to this mission to save Morps?!… Fear not!! We have technology!

Time to Morp - Pump pumping

Pumps and Pipes are your main tools to deal with any amount of creatures you decided to befriend. This is a core gameplay, main feature, your own Batman’s belt to handle everything and everyone! How does it work, you ask? Well, first of all…

Time to Morp - Player building pipe
…and done! Now just set up what and when the pump needs to move and you are free to feed stones to that poor little morp in hopes he’ll turn into stone morp… 

Before and After

And some behind the scenes concepts from a year ago:

Time to Morp - Pumps Concept

Time to Morp - Fence Concepts

Time to Morp - Logo Concept


Thank you for coming to our TED talks, see ya next time! Oh, and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our Discord and wishlist our game on Steam.


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