time to morp - biomes

October 2, 2020 2:35 PM

As we already know you can automate everything using pipes and pumps. But today we’ll talk about the main beauty of the world – biomes.

The Morp’s world is full of treasures and surprises. Let’s plunge over there, shall we? 🙂


Colors, colors, colors…

One day you are exploring the Pink* world, admiring cloudy trees, fluffy bushes and tall grass, where you can hide. And then, of a sudden, you realize that the color of the surface has changed, the trees have changed the shape…and, hold on, there are more different kinds of Morps!

Time to Morp - Sneaky Morp


Shapes and nature

Every biome has their own and unique nature. You might need some resources, which you can find in Purple* biome only, so be prepared to travel far-far away to collect those little pretty things.

Time to Morp - Biomes

You want to have a nap in a magical picturesque woodland? Or maybe you are in the urge to see an endless expanse of desert land?

Go ahead! It’s all in your hands!

Time to Morp - Yellow Biome

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…and yes, you are still able to build a base, pumps and pipes everywhere you go, collecting Morps on your way and giving them good care.




Some beautiful concepts to brighten up your day:

Time to Morp - Pink biome

Time to Morp - Purple biome

Time to Morp - Yellow biome



Thank you for reading! Now you know a bit more about Morp’s world biomes. Next time we’ll talk about resources. Or maybe not. Let’s keep intrigue 🙂

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*Temporary names


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